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The classic sale of our wines takes place through the sale of wine at our wine estate: We are pleased if you visit our winery personally. During the stay in our guesthouse, on a day trip to the Mosel or at the end of a hike trip you have the opportunity to taste our wines of the current pdf-Logo wine list (only available in German) and to make the composition of your choice. We will gladly advise you on your selection.

If you are planning to visit our winery in transit or on a day trip, we are grateful for a brief announcement in advance.

With the order form for the wine purchase at the wine estate by Click and Collect or by phone and E-mail you can transmit your selection for your purchase or reserve wines for picking up at the wine estate at a later date.

When selling wine at the wine estate, we pack the bottles in reusable cardboard boxes. We have as standard boxes with 6 or 12 bottles of content. For sample or gift packages, we also have cardboard boxes for three bottles with viewing window.

We gladly take back empty bottles and cardboard boxes on your next visit at our wine estate: The bottles are sorted for reuse according to bottle shape, bottle contents and glass colour and cleaned by a service provider. The next vintage then will be bottled in these bottles. Alternatively, empty bottles should be disposed in waste glass containers and cardboard boxes in waste paper.

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Advertisement sale of wine

When selling wine at the wine estate, we pack bottles in reusable cardboard boxes or smaller gift boxes for two or three bottles with viewing window.

In the cellar, which is kept at an ideal temperature all over the year, the bottles are waiting for sale after being filled.

To our contact form Our address: Hauptstraße 17; Auf der Burg 1; 56821 Ellenz - Poltersdorf; Germany
Phone: 0049 - 2673 - 1394; Fax: 0049 - 2673 - 962692