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Grape from variety Riesling

Grape variety Riesling

The Riesling is a white grape variety and due to it the wine region Mosel has an excellent reputation among friends and lovers of good white wines worldwide. In the Mosel valley the positive characteristics of the grape variety mate with the natural given conditions such as complex slate soils and mild climate. This results in a high minerality and the aroma of the Riesling-wines.

Mosel winegrowers have planted vineyards with Riesling preferably in the steep and sunny terraced areas of the outer curves along the Mosel. Here, the vines root deep into the slate soil and find there the necessary nutrients and moisture. Due to the natural slope at the outer curves, the sunlight is more intense than at less steep terrain at inner curves where flow deposits determine the soil. Ripening process starts relatively late for grape variety Riesling. Planted at sunny outer curves, ripening of grapes is accelerated even by the lower sun in autumn.

In autumn the Riesling grapes are harvested as the last grape variety due to the late ripening process. Every additional day of sun raises the sugar content of the grapes, the so-called must weight. This is measured in the unit Oechsle and is a measure of the sugar content of the grapes. To classify the wines, the so-called predicate wines were introduced on the basis of the must weight at the grape harvest: Kabinett, Spätlese, Auslese, Beerenauslese. Only for the grape variety Riesling there is also the predicate Riesling-Hochgewächs.

Originally Riesling-wine could be dry, semi-sweet and sweet. To soften the strict assignment, the intermediate stages Classic (between dry and semi-sweet) and feinherb (translation to English fine-tart could be misleading since feinherb describes wine between semi-sweet and sweet) were introduced to supplement.

Further information about the grape variety Riesling and its distribution area can be found at the following external link:

Our offer of wines provides an overview which wines are made from grapes of the variety Riesling. The pdf-Logo wine list includes the following wines of the grape variety Riesling:
No. T2:
2022 Ellenzer Kurfürst Riesling Qualitätswein, dry,
No. T3:
2022 Rüberberger Domherrenberg Riesling-Hochgewächs vom grauen Schiefer, dry,
No. H3:
2022 Ellenzer Kurfürst Riesling Qualitätswein, feinherb,
No. H4:
2022 Rüberberger Domherrenberg Riesling-Hochgewächs vom grauen Schiefer, feinherb,
No. L1:
2022 Ellenzer Goldbäumchen Riesling Qualitätswein, sweet,
No. L2:
2022 Cuvée Qualitätswein, medium sweet and
No. R1:
2022 Ellenzer Goldbäumchen Rotling Qualitätswein, feinherb

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